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Interviewing an Artist


Easty is one of two artist that begun the journey of Always Sunday with us. The idea behind Always Sunday is to connect with artists from around the world and promote their talent by displaying them on our high quality rugs to be enjoyed by all.

We recently had the opportunity to sit down with Ella, better know by her alter-ego "Easty", and got to know her a little better. Easty is from Sydney, NSW, Australia. She is known for her super unique dreamscapes illustrations, telling stories and expressing herself through her artwork. We were extremely stoked when Easty agreed to collab with us and create the two designs which now feature in our first collection of artist designed rugs. 



Tell us a bit about yourself!

EASTY: My name’s Easty and I’m a dork with a pen.

What does a day in the life of Easty look like?

EASTY: I don’t really have much of a routine, because I find them kind of difficult to stick to. A usual day will generally include a trip to the post office, a surf, lots of art, and at least three coffees. I try to work from my home office, but the chilly weather has seen me working from the couch more than I care to admit.

We can definitely relate to working from the couch haha!
Tell us, how was your alter ego “Easty Beasty” discovered?

EASTY: So its kind of a long story, but at the time, all my friends lived in the inner west of Sydney, while I lived in the eastern suburbs. My best friend admitted one day that she’d been calling me the “beast from the east” and it was around the same time I’d started toying with this new style that would eventually develop into my Easty style today. I felt like the name kind of worked, so I coined Easty Beasty, and here we are.

We think it's a very fitting name, it definitely stands out along with your unique style!
Where did your love and passion for art and illustration come from?

EASTY: I’m not sure to be honest! I’ve just always done art in some way or another for as long as I can remember. My Nana was an incredible oil painter, but only started very late in life. I’m sure my ability came from her in a genetic reasoning, but it’s always been so innate I’m not sure I can identify and specific sources.

Who were your inspirations that led you down the path of becoming an artist?

EASTY: No one specific comes to mind, but people inspire me to keep doing what I do every day. Whenever I see anyone doing well in their craft, it always pushes me to want to do better.

So true! Seeing someone else so passionate about their craft sparks a wave of motivation. Did you find it hard to discover/create your own recognisable style? If so, what helped you?

EASTY: Finding my Easty Beasty style was actually borderline accidental. It all just came out one night when I decided to stop saying no to the ideas and just let it all happen, and refine later. In terms of evolving that style, I feel a great deal of pressure to continue to grow and develop my style, which is really difficult. It takes a lot of just showing up at your desk each day and putting in the work, hoping something will come through.


How do you get into your creative groove?

EASTY: Sometimes I actually find it suuuuper difficult. I almost have to trick myself a little bit and tell myself I’ll only do a little bit of artwork and I don’t necessarily have to finish anything. When I’m lucky, I spring out of bed with a real lightning bolt of motivation - but only when I’m lucky.

How good are those days!? How do you spark creativity when you are stuck in a rut?

EASTY: I often find that all it takes is shaking up what you consume. Read something different, explore a new topic, or take another route. I also find that listening to artists talk passionately about their craft is incredibly inspiring, in interviews, podcasts or otherwise.

What has been the most exciting project to work on so far?

EASTY: It’s just about to be announced! I can’t tell you exactly what it is just yet, but stay tuned!

Oooh super keen to hear the announcement! What are 3 things you’re most grateful for that life in this industry has afforded/allowed?

EASTY: I think I’m just really grateful that I’m able to share how I feel through my art, and being able to connect with people. Being able to work for myself is also such a privilege. It’s not lost on me that I’m doing my dream job that I had as a kid - I feel incredibly lucky.

What are 3 tips you could give young and inspiring artist out there who want to turn their creative hobby into a career?

EASTY: I don’t know if I have three solid tips to give because I’m definitely still starting out as well, but in my really small experience, I feel really confident about confidence. You have to back yourself, kind of like with a fire in your belly, and you’ve gotta just believe you’re gonna get there - you just never know how. But I’m still very much early on in the process too, so I don’t know what’s ahead. Just gotta trust your instinct and go with it, and hope for the best.

Love it! Do you have any other cool or creative hobbies?

EASTY: I surf and play guitar both very very badly. I also ride horses!

Are there any new and exciting projects on the horizon you can share with us?

EASTY: There are actually a bunch! I have to keep a few of them on the quiet for now, but I can tell you about my one-night only exhibition at the Goodspace Gallery in Chippendale on the 21st of July, featuring 35 pieces of my art.

Guys if you're around, go check it out! If you could leave us with a fun fact, favourite quote or advice, what would it be?

EASTY: Your gut knows what's up - trust it.


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